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How can I get paid with Smartr Marketing?

You get paid from purchases made by the people you share your assigned referral code with - and a couple of generations of people they share their code with. This allows you both an active steam (first generation) and two passive steams (second and third generations) of potential income. If they have a brand or business, this software is meant for them. So, share your referral code, and earn each month after month as they use their Smartr software. Smartr Marketing users receive 20% on first generation purchases, and 5% on both second and third generation purchases, so they are urged to use the software both for their business, and the ability to earn by being an active affiliate for Smartr Marketing. Smartr Marketing does offer the opportunity for more earnings. Please read about Empire Earners to find out how you can earn a lot more. We even have a cool commercial about Empire Earners, available in the "How it Works" section of the website and app.

I like the software and want to get an app and/or website or landing page for my brand. How do I get started?

If you can see your own business using Smartr software, simply place your order, and we will work with you to get your new tech launched. The process is fairly simple. - A Smartr Customer Coach will contact you. - We discuss how to build out your software for your brand, and decide if you need a marketplace, a restaurant menu, or just a page for clients, customers, or tenants to pay an invoice or setup monthly payments. - We gather any relevant content for the products or services you are selling. The good thing is, your dashboard is so simple and user friendly, that we can load in a few items to get you launched and show you how to finish up, you can teach yourself since the system is so intuitive. You control your marketplace, your users promote your brand, and we take care of their tax paperwork. Easy peasy.

Do I have to buy anything in order to earn money with brands using Smartr software?

No! You don't even have to talk to anyone at Smartr... just share your referral code. Our active affiliate software has been talked about on Forbes... and we speak specifically about the fact that you can participate by simply registering for any brand using Smartr software, getting your own referral code, and sharing your referral code with potential customers who need the products or services being sold within that app. Another great thing about Smartr software, is you can earn income from as many brands as you wish. So use this one, and find another brand who is using the software or who needs the software. If they need the software, share your Smartr Marketing referral code and get paid month after month when they purchase their software. If they use Smartr software, just register for their app or website, and share your code to promote that brand, too,

As a promoter, when do I receive my earnings? How do I get paid as a vendor?

As a promoter, once you receive $100 in earnings and the items you earned from have passed their refund date (typically 14 days), we get some information from you so we can pay you. Once you have been authorized for payment from SmartrCommerce, we will release earnings to you each friday. The same applies with any brand using Smartr Commerce or Smartr software. You can read more about payments and our refund/return policy for Smartr brands and all vendors using Smartr software in our Terms & Conditions. We follow the same procedure with vendors, with first payouts made available after items have passed the return policy date, although vendors can choose to have a zero refund/return policy. You can read more about payments and our refund/return policy for Smartr brands and all vendors using Smartr software in our Terms & Conditions. Smartr Vendors or any promoters of any Smartr brands will receive a 1099/1099-K available before January 31st of the following tax year.

How do I get started with my app or website development?

Once your purchase is made, one of Smartr Customer Coaches will contact you to confirm your order and go over options. Then, you will send us your content. After we have received what we need, we will get started on your app and/or website development. It usually takes less than two weeks for your app to be available in the app stores and for most software launches in 2 weeks or less, so long as you get your content to us ASAP. Brands with lots of items, companies who need graphics, or brands with many options may need to anticipate longer development times. There are also times where we may have a higher than average launch volume. In that time, we will make sure you are ready for launch and taking on new customers and promoters. If you are ordering an app, you will need to purchase an iOS and Android app developer license. This is independent of Smartr, and it is required by Apple and Google to have an app in their stores.

What is the total cost of having a Smartr app and/or website?

The monthly service investment depends on the package you pick for your business. No matter what package you pick, your transactions will be managed by SmartrCommerce, which costs 3% + .35 cents of each transaction made by your customers. If you are paying out any earnings to promoters for your business, you can expect earnings to be deducted, depending on which or how many generations those earnings are being paid. Your dashboard will show you all of this information, including transaction/order based information so you can easily run your business. If you are purchasing an app, you will need to purchase an iOS and Google Play developer license in order to have your app in their app stores.

Is it worth it for me to invest in the Empire Earner Package? Or should I wait until I earn $1,000 per month in earnings?

There are many perks to becoming an Empire Earner, and they don't stop with earning more per purchase, but first, let's answer your question. In order to receive $1,000 in first generation earnings, you will need to share your code with enough business owners who purchase $5,000 per month in software. If you were to invest in the Empire package, that same $5,000 per month in software development service fees would have yielded you $2,500, instead of $1,000 - 2.5 times that of a regular promoter. The Empire Earner Package, like Smartr Marketing, was built solely to give entrepreneurs an opportunity to earn good money with an easy to run business. We definitely think it is worth the investment.

If I do build an app or website, will my users receive 20% of each purchase, just like Smartr Marketing?

Your customers will receive whatever amount you wish to share with them... whether you are sharing 10% with people sending you new customers, or a larger percentage of each transaction shared on multiple generations of promoters. You will go over this information with your Smartr Customer Coach before launching your software.

I am interested in being an Empire Earner. How much can I earn?

Well anyone can download Smartr Marketing and earn 20% on first generation purchases, and 5% on second and third, but Empire Earners earn a lot more! The default compensation rate for our Empire Earners is set at 50% for first generation purchases, 15% for second generation purchases, and 10% for third... but, this can also be customized to fit the needs of your sales organization. There are two ways to become an Empire Earner: 1. By investing in the Empire Earner Package - which changes your earnings capacity immediately. 2. By earning $1,000 per month in first generation earnings. Please view our Empire Earner video for more details.

Are Smartr brands or any brands using Smartr software MLM companies?

Not at all. Even though our founder worked and spoke with MLM companies in the past, he coined this software as Active Affiliate software, with a compensation program that has multi-level payout capabilities. This allows brand promoters to earn passive income as well, as any level beyond a first generation allows for easy, passive income. MLM companies force people to purchase a membership or a product to participate, while any brand using the Smartr software forces no such thing. All you need to do to promote any brand using Smartr software, is share your referral code with potential customers. Once you earn a minimum amount of earnings, you are paid.

What kind of perks do Empire Earners get besides making more per transaction?

- Once you are responsible for $10,000 per month in first generation purchases, not only will you be earning $5,000 per month for those purchases, we will also be giving you an additional $500 dollar bonus per month to go towards your house, car, or whatever you want. - Once you are responsible for $25,000 per month in first generation purchases, not only will you be earning $12,500 per month from those purchases, we will also be giving you an additional $1,000 per month to go along with your $500 bonus. This puts you at $14,000 per month in earnings, not including any passive generations of purchases made. - Once you get here, you will work with the founding Smartr team, and we will work together to set you on a path to building a legacy. We are also working on events, trips, and other cool bonuses, so look out for new commercials.

I just made a purchase for my new Smartr software. What do I do now?

Congratulations! Welcome to the family, and we know you will enjoy finally having a piece of software that helps you gain new customers, and increase your bottom-line. We will need content... your product pictures, descriptions, fine print, and/or any shipping and tax information needed for a customer to make a purchase. This allows us to fully load your content for you, or if you want to launch faster, we can get just enough information and items needed to expedite your launch.

What if I want an app for my brand(s), but do not want to purchase iOS and Google Play developer licenses?

These licenses are affordable, and mandatory in order to have an app in their app stores. The costs are: $100 per year for iOS. $20 per two years for Google Play. These costs are independent of Smartr and will need to be paid to the respective app stores. If you do not want to pay for those licenses, you can make your app available for download on your website, but this may limit the amount of potential users or customers who will want to use your app, and also may disrupt some really cool settings with your software. We would recommend investing in the licenses.

Will I need to write a FAQ, Terms & Conditions, and a Privacy Policy for my app and/or website?

No. Our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy cover users, customers, and vendors. You have to do nothing extra. You will have a FAQ section in your app which will have some mandatory questions from Smartr which will be useful in explaining your software to your customers. You will also be able to add any specific questions you need to within your own app.

I am really interested in maximizing my income potential. What can I do to make sure a purchase is made when I share my referral code with a business owner or entrepreneur?

First and foremost, you need to make sure people know you are an active affiliate for Smartr Marketing. The good thing about our app and website combination is, everything one would need to educate themselves on a purchase or becoming a promoter is at everyone's fingertips... so, if you meet with a company who you know could benefit from more customer referrals, more sales, and more clients, simply share your Smartr Marketing referral code with them, make use of the app to show how it would operate for their brand, press the "How it Works" button to access our funnel with all the videos and education one would need, and take advantage of the FAQ in order to answer commonly asked questions. Once they see the benefits and value in the software, you can show them the earnings in action as they make their purchase by seeing your earnings increase after their purchase is made. Just make sure you close your app to refresh your earnings.

I have a website right now, but I don't get much traffic, should I use a Smartr App and a Smartr Website?

We use a Smartr Landing Page that comes with the Smartr Gold Referral Package for our own app - it's the one you are using now. So, this shows you exactly how your brand will work on the software. It will come with your logo, your colors, your links, and your marketplace. In reality, we don't think websites work the way they used to. All someone needs is an app, and a landing page to tell their users to download their app. Since transactions are far more secure on an app, and since your customers can use your app as a tool for bringing you more customers, we recommend using the same Gold App Package. We will customize a landing page for you, leading your customers to your app, and with your marketing efforts, the combo should be far more effective than your current website. Our eCommerce website works just like the app, we just chose not to use one for our own brand, as the Gold Referral Package pretty much has everything any brand would need.

I am really interested in maximizing my income potential. How can I gain more leads?

First of all, you need to actively promote the brand. You should be wearing a t-shirt, handing out cards, and getting as many people to use your Smartr Marketing referral code as possible, but just sharing your referral code works, too. The best way to start is to go through your phone, find the business owners in there, and teach them about the software... not just sharing their own referral code, but using the software for their own brand. You can also go to networking events and meetings, start your own events and meetings, make educational videos online about the software, place an ad with your referral code on the rear windshield of your car, or just walk into small businesses and talk to them about earning AND using the software. The possibilities are endless. Potential customers can see the benefit of the software and they will purchase it if they need it. You concentrate on sharing your Smartr Marketing referral code, and letting people know the benefits of the active and passive referral system.

I am really interested in maximizing my income potential. How can I get branded marketing material with my referral code?

If you look in the Empire Builders category in the app, you will see the Starter Marketing Kit. It comes with t-shirts, postcards, business cards, and tri-fold pamphlets. You can use these materials to market your referral code, gain more customers - for more earnings, and to leave in stores. You can use the materials for anything you need. And, you can even purchase the same package to get a Starter Marketing Kit for your own brand with your own Smartr App or Smartr Website. When you speak to your Smartr Customer Coach, we will go over all the details with you.

I spend a lot of money on social media ads that are not as effective as I would like them to be... should I use my Smartr App to replace my ad spending?

When we first launched Smartr, we learned a lot of small businesses were spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on SEO and social media ads. If your ad spend is working for you, we suggest using your ads in conjunction with your app. If you are looking for a change, give a Smartr only approach a go. Just remember, no ad or software is a magic button. If you want customers and app users, just like business cards, you have to hand those babies out, and you have to work to actively get app users - whether they come from an online ad, or an event you put on in person. The beauty of having an app, is you don't even need a traditional website. An app with a social media presence or an app all by itself will work too, so long as you have a marketplace with valuable products and services for your customers.

I just bought an entry-level app, and now I wish I purchase a Gold Level package, what should I do? Is the Gold Package worth the investment?

We believe it is worth the investment. When you purchase a Violet or Silver Level Package, you will receive the contact info for anyone who places an order with your software. When you purchase a Gold Level or higher package, you receive the contact info for anyone who registers on your Smartr software. This means, if you have 1,000 users across the globe, you can simply print off a CSV file, and upload all of your contacts to any email marketing program you have! Staying in contact with your users drives more referrals, and more sales. Just contact us through the Smartr Marketing app. Your Smartr Customer Coach can make adjustments to everyone's earnings, as well as adjust your monthly subscription.

I just got my iOS and Google Play developer licenses, what do I do now?

When your app is ready to launch, you will just ad as a developer/admin on your own dashboards for their respective app stores. Once you are ready to go live, we will take it live. Most of our app updates do not require you to do anything. Periodically, we may have to launch a new version of your software and upload a new build to your app store accounts. In any case when this happens, you still have to do nothing. We will notify you via email... you just need to make sure we have the correct credentials on file.

Why should I invest in Empire Earner software or be responsible for a certain amount of purchases before becoming an Empire Earner?

Empire Earner packages require an investment simply because of how much time we spend working with our Empire Earners, and, most of what we do make with the Empire Earner package goes back into operational costs. We are happy to offer you a software upgrade that not only gives you the option to earn more, but also the option to make a 50/15/10 split, rather than a 20/5/5 split. Read our example on whether or not it is worth the investment, and you will understand how much more you could potentially earn by becoming a Smartr Marketing Empire Earner. We need to make sure you are going to hustle to build an Empire, so becoming an Empire Earner would ultimately be for a person or organization that is SERIOUS about earning. And, if you are interested in investing in our software for your business, we can show you how to change the earning power of your own "Empire Earners" in your dashboard.

When I click on my earnings, what am I seeing?

Your connections are the first generation of users you shared your referral code with. Having their profile at hand, whether they are a prospect or helping you build a sales team, you can easily get in touch with them via their profile. When you click on your earnings in the dashboard, you are seeing the breakdown of your earnings that came from your overall network of users. These are earnings from people you shared your code with, and earnings from a couple of generations of users they have shared their referral code with. Keep in mind, within your connections, you are only gaining access to contact information of first generation users who know you that you shared your referral code with. We do not make available contact credentials of anyone from further generations.

What happens to my earnings counter once I receive my earnings?

When you receive your earnings, you will receive a comprehensive breakdown via email of where your earnings came from. Once you are paid for any specific pay period, your earnings counter will clear out. When a brand our person purchases our software, your earnings and our 14-day cancellation period starts counting from that purchase date. This means you may have weekly periods where there are no earnings in your SmartrWallet. So, if you like seeing earnings in that thing, keep sharing your referral code with brands that need our software, and hustlers who want to promote Smartr Marketing for their side hustle.

I am ready to promote. Do I have to talk to anyone at Smartr to start earning today?

Not at all. That is why we build the system the way it is. Anyone can pick up the Smartr Marketing App and start promoting and earning today, once purchase are made using your referral code. When a vendor chooses to purchase the software for their own business, their users will do the same... download their app, and start promoting. And as a vendor, we take care of all of your promoters and their tax paperwork as well!