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Frequently asked questions

How do I get paid with Smartr Marketing and how much?

You get paid from purchases made by the people you share the Smartr Marketing app with. Our Smartr Marketing users receive 20% from the first generation of sales, and 5% from the next two generations where a sale is made. Empire Earners will receive 50% from the first generation of sales, 15% from the second generation and 10% from the third generation where a purchase is made. In addition, Empire Earners will also earn .002% of transactions made inside the first 2 generations of apps sold. Be on the lookout though… we are implementing bonuses and extra earnings soon, so these percentages may go up.

How do I get paid when I have my own app or website?

The same way…except you own the content, control the products and earnings structure, and get to provide your services and value through some really cool software. A percentage of each sale will go to your users to incentivize them to promote your brand.

Do I have to buy anything in order to earn money with Smartr Marketing?

No, you are free to share the app or direct people to and make income from those purchases.

When do I receive my earnings?

YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAKE ANY PURCHASES WHATSOEVER IN ORDER TO MAKE MONEY FROM ANY SMARTR APP. The beauty of our system is, an absolute stranger can download a Smartr app, or go to a Smartr website, register, share their Pass Code, and start making money from the purchases of their friends and family. The first time you receive $100 in royalties, earnings, bonuses, etc. in any one month, you will be sent an ACH authorization form. Once users are registered to receive ACH payments, they will receive their earnings twice a month, on 15th and the 30th of each month. App and website owners will be sent an ACH authorization form once they process their first transaction through their or website, and will receive payments every Friday for purchases made for their business.

Can my young entrepreneur receive earnings?

Once a young person has been verified, they may receive earnings; however, all funds must be sent to the consenting parent or guardian’s SmartrWallet account.

My In-app Connections say I have a lot of people, but there are not that many showing up. Why?

The counter on the In-app Connections is counting your total number of connections in that particular app. However, for privacy reasons, you can only access the profiles and contact information for the people YOU have passed the app to in your first generation.

What is the difference between My Empire and In-app Connections?

Your empire counts all of the people in your network, across all apps in the system, while your In-app Connections counts the people inside that particular app.

How do I get started with my app or website development?

Once your purchase is made, you will receive an email with a PDF explaining everything we need to get started on your app or website development. Please be sure to check your junk/spam if you don't see it in your inbox. After we have received everything we need, we will get started on your app or website development. It usually takes less than two weeks for your app to be available in the app stores and for your website to be live.

Why am I signing a 1-year agreement for my app/website purchase?

Our Smartr Marketing users can share the Smartr Marketing app with other entrepreneurs or direct them to and earn money from the purchases made. Since some of our users are doing this for a living, we ask that a 1-year agreement is signed, so that our users will have more incentive to promote our product. Your agreement can be terminated with a 60-day notice of cancellation. Just email or contact us directly through the Smartr Marketing app or website. You can decide on an agreement for your customers as well…and control whether or not someone needs to spend money in order to receive money.

Why do I have to pay monthly for app or web development, plus a percentage on the back end?

You know all of those updates your phone does every day? That is because on the other end, you have developers physically working to constantly update the app and/or website to the standards set by the people who make your phone and allow you access to an app store. Not to mention, were it not for the front end payment, our users would not have any incentive to share our app or product with others. The back end percentage is where your customers make money for sharing your app or directing customers to your website, and here we take a small fee to process the transactions. Just like Groupon, EBay, Amazon, or any number of merchant applications available. Our processing fee covers swipes, security, earnings transfer fees, and maintaining your database of users.

If I do build an app or website, will my users receive 20% of each sale?

Yes, and no. Depending on how your genealogy structure is setup, we recommend you allow *up-to 20% of each sale to go into earnings; we then divide this into amount into the earnings network depending on where in the network a sale was made. The main reason you want to give a generous percentage is, you will want to give your users a similar pay structure to incentivize them to share your app or direct customers to your website as well.

I can pay for referrals, but I don’t really “sell” anything; However, I can share commissions and finder’s fees.

Some businesses have referrals, but there will not be purchases made through the app or website. (examples: real estate, employee referrals, brokerage firms, etc.) In those cases, we can allow you to pay those referrals through accessing the database on the backend of your app or website. Of course, you will need to pay for database access in order to make it work.

How will the app or website work if I don’t sell anything, and cannot share money through it?

Referrals and word-of-mouth are the lifeblood of a business. Even if you do not sell anything now, you can still utilize the system for Paid Premium Content, providing special deals or communications to your users, or to build a substantial referral network for yourself or your company.

I want to use the app or website, but there are laws against paying referral fees in my field. How can the system work for me?

I think we just answered that for you…

How do I get paid from publishing a book with you guys?

You can utilize our Private-Label, self-publishing services to own 100% of the rights to your book, unlike a lot of publishing companies out there. We take your book to market for you, and take a small fee per book sold. The first time you receive $100 in royalties, earnings, bonuses, etc. in any one month, you will be sent a link that will allow you to sign up for a Smartr Bnk Account. This will give you access to an account, transfer capabilities, interest-earning options, and a Smartr Bnk Visa Debit Card.

Can my users participate in profit-sharing of my book royalties?

Yes, if you sell your books through the app. How do I get started on a project in the app? Consulting? Marketing? Apps? All of it? Regardless of what product or service you are utilizing, a Smartr Marketing Executive will contact you within 24 to 48 hours of your purchase to make sure you have all information you need to get started on your project. Once you start getting the content to us that we request, we can start working with you on the completion of the project details.

I purchased a Consulting Service, what should I expect?

Expect to be awed. Our consultants are continuously going through a meticulously thought out, “real-life education program” which teaches them to be the absolute best consultants they can be in their respective fields. Not only do we provide curriculum to our consultants, we also take them through a rigorous, but unique due diligence program, distinctly designed to see if they can provide actual, proven results to their clientele. This allows you to maximize your investment when dealing with our consultants.

My transaction went through...when will my receipt be emailed to me?

The earnings system is in real time, and all of our transactions batch at 2sm CST. This is when you will receive your receipt. However, your receipt may come sooner. All transactions are from The Smartr App Company.